Release Notes of TWiki-6.1.0 (Kampala), 2018-07-16


TWiki is an enterprise collaboration platform and application platform. TWiki has been downloaded around a million times and is used as a mission critical platform by many leading Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies on their intranet, extranet or public website. Users without programming skills can create web applications. Developers can integrate TWiki applications with other enterprise applications.

TWiki-6.1.0 released on 2018-07-16 is a minor release that brings many usability enhancements, strengthens TWiki as an application platform, and has enhanced security.

Feature Highlights

  • Usability Enhancements
    • New HIDEINPRINT variable to hide some topic from printing
    • New attachment parameter for INCLUDE variable to include an attachment
    • Expand $name token in links [[WebName.TopicName][$name]] and [[%ATTACHURL%/filename.ext][$name]]
    • New exclude parameter for WEBLIST variable
    • Support for literal search for %SOME% variable, such as %BR%

  • TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
    • New FORM and EDITFORM variables
    • The WEB variable now has the nameless parameter to specify output format with tokens $top(n), $last(n), $item(n), $list, $size
    • The EDITFORMFIELD variable supports textarea type
    • Link [[TopicName?param=value][label]] becomes a parameterized link to the topic view URL
    • Variables in VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE are expanded
    • The redirectto URL parameter for the save script may contain $web and $topic tokens

  • Security Enhancements
    • Log-in with two-step authentication
    • A number of enhancements to guard against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Code Injection attacks
    • New mode="search" encoding in ENCODE and URLPARAM
    • Do anti-spam e-mail padding only for unauthenticated guests
    • Predefined variables can no longer be redefined with preferences settings

  • Extensions Enhancements
    • Add new TWikiSheetPlugin to TWiki core distribution, allowing simultaneous editing of spreadsheets
    • TinyMCEPlugin: Document how to add custom toolbar button to TinyMCE editor

  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • The configure script can now run under the PSGI engine
    • User preferences can be demoted under web preferences (site-wide configuration); specific user preferences can be denied and allowed
    • 8 new TWikiDocGraphics icons: Car car, Desk desk, Add milestone milestone-add, Program program, Add program program-add, Add project project-add, Refresh refresh, Sprint sprint; 1 updated icon: Project project
    • The HTML title shows the more descriptive TOPICTITLE instead of just TOPIC

Pre-installed Extensions

TWiki-6.1 ships with:

Note: TWikiSheetPlugin is new in TWiki-6.1.

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 19 languages:

English (default), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es), Ukrainian (uk).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

Notes for TWiki Administrators and Wiki Champions

New TWikiSheetPlugin

The TWikiSheetPlugin is a new addition to TWiki. It turns a TWiki table into a spreadsheet that can be modified right in the browser. A TWiki Sheet looks and feels like Excel and Google Sheets. Functions with a familiar syntax such as =SUM(A2:A6) can be added to cells. A cell range can be selected, copied and pasted between TWiki Sheet, Excel and Google Sheets. Changes to cells are saved automatically in the background, e.g. there is no explicit save step. Concurrent editing can be enabled, e.g. changes by others will magically show up in TWiki Sheet.

TWiki Forms Enhancements

Several enhancements have been done to TWikiForms to make it easier to create TWiki applications and for better usability.

  • New FORM variable makes it easy to show form fields as topic content
  • New EDITFORM varialbe makes it easy to have a web form to create/update TWikiForms as topic content
  • The EDITFORMFIELD variable now supports textarea type

Usage of $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION

The $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION number can be used by plugins for conditional code execution. From TWiki-6.0.0 on, the version umber is aligned with the TWiki version number, e.g. for this release, $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION is set to 6.10. The number needs to be numeric so that a number comparison can be done. By convention, Major.MinorPatch is used, e.g. 6.12 for a future TWiki-6.1.2 release.

History of $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION numbers:

TWiki release Code name $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION
TWiki-2001-09-01 Athens 1.000
TWiki-2003-02-01 Beijing 1.010
TWiki-2004-09-02 Cairo 1.025
TWiki-4.0 Dakar 1.1
TWiki-4.1 Edinburgh 1.11
TWiki-4.2 Freetown 1.2
TWiki-4.3 Georgetown 1.2
TWiki-5.0 Helsinki 1.3
TWiki-5.1 Istanbul 1.4
TWiki-6.0.0 Jerusalem 6.00
TWiki-6.0.1 " 6.01
TWiki-6.0.2 " 6.02
TWiki-6.1.0 Kampala 6.10

Upgrade From Earlier Releases

Follow the TWikiUpgradeGuide to install TWiki and migrate data from your existing TWiki.

You can use the BackupRestorePlugin to backup an old TWiki and then simply restore the content to a new TWiki. ALERT! Make sure to exclude the TWiki web on restore!

Deprecation Notices

MailerContrib Deprecated

The MailerContrib is deprecated and will be replaced in a future TWiki release by the newly added WatchlistPlugin.

JSCalendarContrib Removed

FIXME: Remove from distribution

The Mishoo JSCalendar based DHTML pop-up calendar was repackaged as DatePickerPlugin in the previous TWiki release. The JSCalendarContrib has been removed in this release. Actions to take:

TWikiNetSkin & TWikiNetSkinPlugin Removed

The TWikiNetSkin and TWikiNetSkinPlugin have been removed in this release.

TWiki-6.1.0 Minor Release - Details

TWiki-6.1.0 was built from SVN revision r30610 (2018-07-16)


TWikibug:Item7393 Protect Predefined Variables
TWikibug:Item7397 Lowering precedence of user preferences
TWikibug:Item7461 New FORM and EDITFORM Variables
TWikibug:Item7493 New HIDEINPRINT variable
TWikibug:Item7505 [[TopicName?param=value][label]] to become a parameterized link
TWikibug:Item7530 Site configuration to restrict access to topics of a certain name in all webs
TWikibug:Item7538 Log-in with Two-step authentication
TWikibug:Item7599 INCLUDE with new attachment parameter to include an attachment
TWikibug:Item7633 Configuration: Collection of core changes required for configure to run under the PSGI engine
TWikibug:Item7700 Documentation: Documentation work for TWiki-6.1.0
TWikibug:Item7701 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-6.1.0
TWikibug:Item7702 Documentation: Translation work for TWiki-6.1.0
TWikibug:Item7710 TinyMCEPlugin: Document how to add custom toolbar button to TinyMCE editor
TWikibug:Item7727 WEB variable with nameless parameter and additional tokens $top(n), $last(n), $item(n), $list, size
TWikibug:Item7729 Expand variables in VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE
TWikibug:Item7730 $name token in [[WebName.TopicName][$name]], [[%ATTACHURL%/filename.ext][$name]]
TWikibug:Item7742 Package: Add TWikiSheetPlugin to TWiki core distribution
TWikibug:Item7754 EDITFORMFIELD variable with textarea support
TWikibug:Item7761 Parameterized variables in the redirectto parameter
TWikibug:Item7762 Anti-spam e-mail padding only for unauthenticated guests
TWikibug:Item7775 New exclude parameter for WEBLIST variable
TWikibug:Item7839 HTML title to show TOPICTITLE instead of just TOPIC
TWikibug:Item7847 New mode="search" encoding in ENCODE and URLPARAM
Total: 23


TWikibug:Item5056 TWiki's logging is untidy
TWikibug:Item7439 Documentation: TML Table cell alignment badly documented, perhaps broken
TWikibug:Item7528 SEARCH to handle ATTACHURL properly
TWikibug:Item7587 introducing viewFileRedirectHandler
TWikibug:Item7640 SpreadSheetPlugin: Unit Tests: DEC2HEX and DEC2BIN create longer strings with 64bit Perl
TWikibug:Item7672 Configuration: configure dies instead of providing a useful error message in strange situations
TWikibug:Item7699 WatchlistPlugin: Default configuration is not shown in configure script; apache error log shows: unquoted string "useful"
TWikibug:Item7705 TWiki 6.0.2 on Strawberry Perl (Windows) fails with 'POSIX::tzset not implemented on this architecture'
TWikibug:Item7708 Copyright update to 2016
TWikibug:Item7711 Statistics: Sanitize statistics script parameter
TWikibug:Item7712 Registration: Use comma-space list for multi-valued registration form fields like checkboxes
TWikibug:Item7713 TWiki::Func::setPreferencesVariable() is useless if DENYUSERPREFEENCES is set all
TWikibug:Item7715 viewfile not to read the entire file content into memory when rev is not specified
TWikibug:Item7719 Introducing TWiki::Func::getDebugFilePath()
TWikibug:Item7723 WatchlistPlugin: Save of watchlist preference no longer works
TWikibug:Item7732 Configuration: configure should check for all dependencies of the distribution - and not just the core
TWikibug:Item7733 Documentation: Document AUTOINC in TWikiScripts#save in addition to TWikiTemplates
TWikibug:Item7734 AUTOINC in the redirectto parameter of the save script to be replaced with the AUTOINC number
TWikibug:Item7735 redirectto parameter to allow TopicName?parameters
TWikibug:Item7736 After a topic is deleted, you are led to WebHome rather than the parent topic if the parent topic's name is not a wikiword
TWikibug:Item7740 TWiki::Templates::readTemplate() unable to read a topic in a subweb
TWikibug:Item7746 SpreadSheetPlugin: LIST2HASH fails with empty list entries
TWikibug:Item7747 EDITFORMFIELD garbles some Unicode characters
TWikibug:Item7749 Setting redirectto by preference variable
TWikibug:Item7750 redirectto on attach
TWikibug:Item7752 SERVERTIME is always identical to GMTIME
TWikibug:Item7757 Edit script garbles some Unicode characters in form fields
TWikibug:Item7759 EditTablePlugin: EditTablePlugin uses viewauth unnecessarily, brings down TWiki if headerrows and footerrows are inappropriate
TWikibug:Item7760 saveFile function to be atomic -- writing completely or not writing at all
TWikibug:Item7765 Dangling RCS semaphore file causes topic/attachment save to fail
TWikibug:Item7766 Allow or deny access to topic in addition to allowed or denied at the web level
TWikibug:Item7768 TWiki::Users::canRenameWeb() for symmetry with TWiki::Users::canCreateWeb()
TWikibug:Item7774 PARENTBC setting: Omit double-angle separator if no parent
TWikibug:Item7791 Error in Detailed Items Query - Use of uninitialized value in concatenation
TWikibug:Item7793 Typo in link in Main.TWikiGroupTemplate
TWikibug:Item7796 TWiki with current Perl: Make CGI::Carp work from TWiki's distribution
TWikibug:Item7797 TWiki with current Perl: Escape left braces in regular expressions (core)
TWikibug:Item7799 TWiki with current Perl: Eliminate warnings
TWikibug:Item7803 Documentation: Document + shorthand in VarTOPICTITLE
TWikibug:Item7811 TWiki: SERVERTIME to be in local time; DISPLAYTIME and log time stamps to observe {DisplayTimeValues}
TWikibug:Item7812 TWiki::Store::RcsFile::hidePath() hiding too much
TWikibug:Item7813 WEBLIST{} to have reverse="on" parameter
TWikibug:Item7815 Coping with zero byte RCS file
TWikibug:Item7816 Excluding specified topics when creating a new web
TWikibug:Item7818 TWiki::Store::RcsFile::moveTopic() may fail to move attachments
TWikibug:Item7819 /cgi-bin/save/WEB/TOPIC?cmd=delRev not working for a web specific admin
TWikibug:Item7822 Excluding keywords doesn't work for a list of webs
TWikibug:Item7823 In a keyword search, quoted phrases can't be excluded
TWikibug:Item7824 Unit tests: dies with AccessControlException
TWikibug:Item7826 SpreadSheetPlugin: The HASHREVERSE test case in SpreadSheetPluginTestCases fails.... randomly
TWikibug:Item7827 SpreadSheetPlugin: With non-threaded Perl, the $SPLIT function of SpreadSheetPlugin fails after splitting on '$empty'
TWikibug:Item7829 Confirmation email after registration contains "0" as login name
TWikibug:Item7831 BackupRestorePlugin: Allow action=debug only if Debug flag set; parameter sanity checks
TWikibug:Item7832 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Sanitation of form fields
TWikibug:Item7833 Attachment: Sanitation of attachment comment
TWikibug:Item7834 Search: Sanitation of search
TWikibug:Item7837 Eliminate module
TWikibug:Item7838 subweb named RCS causes problems
TWikibug:Item7842 TWikiSheetPlugin: Update HTML table after edit session in classic mode
TWikibug:Item7844 Make TWiki fit for Perl 5.28
TWikibug:Item7846 HeadlinesPlugin: Sanitize parameters
Total: 62

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