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OpenFst Conventions

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  1. The empty machine (no states) has start state kNoStateId; a non-empty machine (has states) has a valid start state.
  2. A Label is a non-negative integer except kNoLabel (or library internals). The label 0 is reserved for epsilon.
  3. A Weight satisfies the properties described here.
  1. Arc weights satisfy the property that the sum of the weights of one or more paths from some state S to T is never Zero(). In particular, arc weights are never Zero().
  1. A StateIterator is invalidated if the number of states is modified.
  2. An ArcIterator for a state is invalidated by any mutation of the arcs at that state.
  3. A MutableArcIterator is invalidated by any mutation of the arcs at that state other than by the iterator itself.
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